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“The food is good, but what makes this place special is the service. In a time when customer service seems to be the last thing that businesses care about, Rockford goes above and beyond. When I ordered the wine that was on special and they only had half a glass left, they gave it to me for free. When the second wine I ordered was out of stock the manager came over and offered me any other wine for free. I hadn’t even been upset in the first place. The restaurant has ambience without being so dark you can’t see the people you’re with, it’s open and it’s clean. Fantastic!”

“You’ve had a great morning and afternoon cutting some stellar lines up at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It’s four o’clock, you’re starving, and you’re trying to figure out what you and your friends are going to do for the night.
Enter Rockford.

For an absolutely killer apres, there’s really no better option in Revy than Rockford wok/bar/grill. It’s located just steps away from the gondola, and has just the right amount of class to relax in while still wearing your ski gear.

“With Rockford you can expect not just a restaurant, not just a bar,” said Jennifer Morrison, the bar manager. “We’re fine dining, but casual. If people want to come in for a burger and a coke, they absolutely can. If people want to get a 14 oz. ribeye steak with a glass of wine, then they can do that, too. We try to adapt to everybody.”

For our apres feast, our group settled on a collection of share plates that included Edamame (wok-tossed green beans in garlic-chili oil and sea salt), chicken wings, steamed potstickers (oh my god), and some tortilla chips with palmito dip. Each dish was fantastic, and didn’t stay on the table for long. With us, you eat fast or you don’t eat at all. “We get a lot of compliments on our share plates. They really allow for a more social environment, which is what we wanted to do here.”

The Rockford recently opened this past Christmas to nothing but rave reviews. An apres bar this close to the hill was something that was sorely needed in Revelstoke.  “Thankfully that’s not a problem anymore,” Morrison said. “And our menu can really accommodate anybody. Everyone’s very welcoming here, it’s very comfortable, and you really can’t find a better staff in Revelstoke.”

“Very good service! I felt like a guest in a home. I had the palm dip which came with excellent chips! I would highly recommend giving Rockford a try!”

“I LOVED my experience here. The hosts were friendly and entertaining, our server was outstanding and pleasant. Food was delicious! Yes, it’s a bit different, but how nice is that? Far better than Earls and Joeys, always serving the SAME THING. People need to come here with an open mind. It was a bit loud, and quite busy, but everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. There is something for everyone. We will be back! Ask for Sean as server, excellent. Also, hosts were very polite and gave excellent recommendations! Way to go Rockford.”

“My husband and myself had been dying to try this restaurant as we live close by so this past weekend we gave it a try. The food and service was fantastic, our server (Megan) suggested the Wok seared Squid and the Wok Brocolini, she even explained the preparation process that goes into making the squid! Both dishes were to die for as well as both of our entrees. The atmosphere was great, upscale but cozy. Megan really knew her stuff and was a delight to talk to! 5 stars!”

“Food price is great, food quality is outstanding and the host and wait staff are friendly and eager to please. On my first experience at the Rockford wok bar and grill, I ordered a peanut chicken (which came with rice drizzled in sweet soy and a side of steamed/seared seasoned vegetables). The food came out very quickly and was presented very well and as soon as my drink was empty my server was already bringing me a refill. 
The decor of the restaurant is very new age chic and the music set a very cool and comfortable mood. Also, i was very pleased that they have $4 canadian, margarita and highball specials… Everyday! This is great news since i am a huge hockey fan and i love my beer. At a quick glance it looked liked they had an extremely diverse menu, from chicken wings to share with your pals while drinking some beer, to a delicious traditionally cooked wok dish. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended!”

“The service was amazing, starting with the hostesses. The door was opened for me and my friend when we arrived, and we were greeted by a very nice and well dressed hostess. We were then taken to our seats, and our hostess chatted with us on the way to our table. She pointed out the bathrooms, told us drink specials, and then ensured us our server would be with us shortly.

We were promptly greeted by our server, again very well dressed (dress not too short, and shoes not too hooker-like, as you see on servers at cactus /joeys). Throughout the whole experience, our server was attentive, knowledgeable about the menu, funny, and very polite. She even made sure to ask if we had a parking ticket that needed to be reimbursed before we left.

As for the food, it was amazing. We started with the palmito dip. The dip was great, and the chips were even better. For an entree, my friend had creole steak, and I had the mongolian noodles. The sauce on my dish was delicious, the beef was tender and had a lot of flavour. The only thing that I would change would be to have less peppers in it, and more broccoli or another kind of vegetable. My friends steak came with an orange butter type sauce on it, which she really liked. The mashed potatoes were the same as anywhere else, but the vegetables were not your typical carrots and broccoli – they had zucchini!

Although we were stuffed we wanted to try dessert, and our server ensured us the lemon lychee cheesecake was not too heavy, and she was right. We were able to finish it no problem. I didn’t get alot of lychee flavour, mostly lemon, but it was still delicious.

Overall this was a great experience and I will go back very soon. Highly recommended for a great meal at a great price.”