UDON SOSEU $21.00 house-made ginger sesame soy sauce, marinated beef strips, garlic, ginger, red peppers, bok choy, mushrooms, carrots, green onion, black sesame seeds

  2. Pad Thai

    Pad Thai egg, chili cashew sauce, rice noodles, sautéed vegetables, fresh basil, bean sprouts PRAWNS $19.50 CHICKEN $18.75

  3. Seared Pork Ramen

    Seared Pork Ramen $18.75 house-made broth, togarashi, ramen noodles, bok choy, kimchi, soft poached egg, seared pork belly, bean sprouts

  4. Green Thai Curry

    Green Thai Curry peppers, zucchini, green curry, papaya salsa with jasmine rice PRAWNS $19.50 CHICKEN $18.75

  5. Night Market Fried Rice

    Night Market Fried Rice $18.75 traditional fried rice with sautéed pork, stir fried vegetables, mushrooms, egg Add prawns or chicken $5.50

  6. Legendary Tokyo Street Noodles

    Legendary Tokyo Street Noodles $19.50 ground pork, togarashi sesame cashew broth, chili oil, shiitake mushrooms, basil, snow peas