Dine in only. With purchase of beverage.
    • It's Good To Share

    • Calamari


       hint of indian spices, cucumber raita

    • Bao Buns


      braised pork belly, pickled red onions, fresh cucumber, japanese mayo, hoisin

    • Tuna Stack


      Ahi tuna, avocado house-made ponzu, fresh cooked wonton chips

    • Chili Edamame


      wok fired, tossed with garlic chili oil

    • Shrimp Gyoza


      sesame-soy sauce

    • Ginger Beef


      honey-ginger glaze

    • Chicken Wings


      sriracha, 5-spice, salt & lemon pepper, chinese fire drill, sweet thai chili

    • Wok Broccolini


      cracked chilies, garlic and crispy shallots

    • Yam Fries


      sriracha aioli

    • Wok With Style

      add ginger buttered naan $4

    • Legendary Tokyo Street Noodles


      spicy pork ramen with togarashi sesame broth,
      shiitake mushroom, basil & snow peas

    • Night Market Fried Rice


      traditional fried rice with stir-fried vegetables & egg

      Add prawns or chicken $5.50

    • Monogolian Beef Noodles


      thin egg noodles, marinated beef, bean sprouts, broccoli, cashews & bell peppers tossed in a black bean hoisin sauce

    • Green Thai Curry

      peppers, zucchini, green curry, papaya salsa with jasmine rice

    • Fresh Outlook

    • Tuna Poke Bowl


      Ahi tuna, sliced cucumber, edamame, pickled red onions, sliced radish, fresh papaya & avocado, jasmine rice, black & white sesame seeds

    • Cup Of Soup


      your choice of wonton soup or feature soup

    • Ceaser Salad


      romaine, creamy roasted garlic dressing

    • Rockford Greens


      feta, grape tomatoes, napa cabbage, edamame in a sundried tomato vinaigrette

    • Blackened Chicken Salad


      fresh greens, avocado, black beans, crispy tortilla strips, grape tomatoes, shredded daikon, feta cheese, asian citrus vinaigrette

    • Asian Chicken Noodle Salad


      cashew crusted chicken, carrots, peppers, snow peas, broccolini, chilled & crispy noodles, mesclun greens, cilantro
      add salmon or chicken $5.50

    • Hand Held Happiness

      served with your choice of napa slaw, rockford greens, caesar salad, fries substitute yam fries $3 | substitute soup $2 | add fresh avocado $2

    • Thai Chicken Wrap


      roasted lemongrass chicken, tomato chilli jam, fresh cucumber, torn basil, fresh crispy wonton chips

    • Rockford Classic Hand Pressed Burger


      add cheese/bacon/mushrooms $1.50 each

    • Kung Fu Burger


      sweet soy bacon, fried egg, kimchi, sriracha aioli, butter leaf lettuce

    • Veggie Burger


      sriracha aioli, caramelized onions

    • Chicken Quesadilla


      fresh vegetables, black beans, shredded cheddar, sour cream & salsa

    • Crispy Chicken Sandwich


      crispy almond coated chicken, mayo, cheddar, napa slaw

    • Steak Sandwich


      served on a toasted garlic baguette with a crispy onion "hay stack"

    • Main Focus

      substitute wok broccolini $2 | add ginger buttered naan $4

    • Lemongrass Chicken


      grilled chicken skewers with house made teriyaki sauce, papaya salsa, coconut rice, fresh market vegetables

    • Miso Glazed Salmon


      marinated salmon filet, wok stir-fried vegetables, ginger jasmine rice, toasted sesame seeds

    • Mongolian Hoisin Ribs

      our signature hoisin bbq sauce, napa slaw, fries

      1/2 RACK
    • Top Sirloin Steak (CAB®)


      creamy mashed potatoes, fresh market vegetables

    • Top Sirloin & Prawns (CAB®)


      top sirloin, skewer of grilled prawns, creamy mashed potatoes, fresh market vegetables

    • Tamashii Striploin


      glazed with a house-made shiitake compound butter, served with roasted potatoes, fresh market vegetables

    • Sweet Side

    • Warm Espresso Brownie


      house-made brownie infused with Vietnamese iced coffee, served warm with vanilla bean ice cream

    • Banana Caramel Xango ('Chango')


      creamy cheesecake filling, chunks of banana wrapped in light pastry and rolled in cinnamon sugar + vanilla bean ice cream